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Battery Drain Meters

Battery Pill-Sub Connectors

BondWand UV Cure Unit

Control Modules

Cutting Tweezers and Cutters

Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit

Dust Collectors

ELC-410 UV Halogen Unit

ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber

General Vacuum Pump Parts & Accessories

Hearing Aid Listening Chambers

Hearing Aid Listening Devices

IntelliRay 400 UV Cure Unit

IntelliRay 600 UV Cure Unit

IntelliRay Quad 600 UV Cure Syatem

Lathes & Accessories


Lightning Vac 2 Vacuum Pump

Lightning Vac Traveler Portable

My Vac Vacuum Pump Parts

Parts & Accessories

PortaRay 400 UV Cure Unit

PortaRay 600 UV Cure Unit

Precision Tweezers

Quality Cutters

Quality Hand Tools

Radiometers / Light Meters

Romaine® Fine Tweezers

SkyRay 800 UV Cure Unit

Splash Hoods

Splash Hoods & Dust Collectors

SpotCure-B UV LED

Spotty-B / Spotty-P UV LED

SunRay 400 UV Cure Unit

SunRay 600 UV Cure Unit

SunRay Quad 600 UV Flood

UV Coatings / Adhesives / Materials

UV Cure Chambers

UV Cure Parts & Accessories

UV Cure Products & Equipment

UV Flood / Splash Cure Equipment

UV Flood Cure Systems

UV Proective Eyewear

UV Replacment Lamps

UV Splash Cure Systems

UV Spot Cure Equipment

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit

VAC-3 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Parts & Accessories

Vacuum Pump Systems

Viola® Blunt Flat-Tip and Wafer Handling

Viola® Precision Tweezers

Viola® Sharp Tapered Points

Viola® Straight - Sharp Points

Viola® Strong Straight - Boley Style

Viola® Strong Straight - Sharp Points

Viola® Tweezers Bent, Angled and Curved Tips


Online Store Products

170-IIAS-Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter

26a Redwing Lathe

3010E UV Protective Glasses

3011B36 SpotCure-B6 UV Curing Probe - 365nm

3011B40 UV Curing Probe - 405nm

3011B46 SpotCure-B6 Visible Curing Probe - 460nm

3012L75 75W Lamp for UV Halogen Units

3020E UV Protective Glasses

3020F UV Protective Glasses

702357 Filter Wand Replacement Filter

81006 Small Parts Vial

82445 75W Lamp for ELC-410

82469 Electro-Lite 9W UV Florescent Lamp

82628 LED-200 light barrel

82843 Battery Charger for LED-200 UV LED

82845 Battery for LED-200 UV LED

82847 LED-200 Plug-In Adapter

84376 Replacement Nose Cone

86011 Replacement Filter

97225 Brown Cleaning Needle

97226 Green Cleaning Needle

97227 Pink Cleaning Needle

97229 Brown Poly Cleaning Needle

97230 Green Poly Cleaning Needle

9V Battery Pack for Spotty UV Unit

9W Germicidal Lamp 254nm

9W UV Lamp 365nm

9W Visible Lamp 470nm

BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter

BDM-2 Battery Drain & Voltage Meter

BondWand UV Cure Unit

BP-1 Battery Pill Sub Connectors

Carrying Case for Lightning Vac Traveler

Cutting Tweezers 15AP-CS

Cutting Tweezers Style 15AP-CS

DCTX-122 Wall Transformer 12VDC 200ma

Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit

Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit - 2nd

ELC-410 Light Guides

ELC-4481 UV Adhesive

ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber

Fotofix UV Faceplate Adhesive - 20ml

Fotoplast S/IO UV Shell Material

Fotoplast UV Lacquer-3

Fotoplast-S/Hard UV Earmold Material

Fototplast UV Gel

FW-1 Vacuum Pump Filter Wand

FWP-1 Vacuum Pump Filter Wand Packet

HW-1 Vacuum Pump Hand Wand

HWP-1 Vacuum Pump Hand Wand Packet

ILT800 CureRight Radiometer

IntelliRay 400 UV Flood Cure System

IntelliRay 600 UV Flood Cure System

IntelliRay Quad 600 UV Flood System

Invoice Payment 17666

LED-200 UV LED Spot Cure Unit

LED-200-PI UV Plug-In Model

Lightning Vac 2 Vacuum Pump - 2nd

Lightning Vac 2 Vacuum Pump System

Lightning Vac Traveler Portable Vacuum Pump

Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer

Model 575 Bench-Top Polishing Station

Model 86 Resin Splash Hood

MTLS220-1 Slip-Luer Fitting

My Vac Consumer Vacuum Pump

My Vac Consumer Vacuum Pump

My Vac Consumer Vacuum Pump

My Vac Slip-Luer Needle Pack

N-02357 Vacuum Pump Filter

No 18 Precision Chuck

No 7 tapered Spindle

No 8T Chuck

NP-1 Professional Needle Pack

Payment for Quote 856

PortaRay 400 Portable UV Flood Cure Unit

PortaRay 600 UV Flood Cure Unit

PortaRay Carrying Case

PortaRay Mounting Bracket

PortaVac 550 Dust Collector

Power Cord - North America

Rayven Quad UV Chamber

Rayven UV Chamber

Repair & Mod Tool Kit

Replacement Mirror Tray - Dual-Lite

Replacement Tray Guard UV9W-2

Romaine® Tweezers Style 1-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 2-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 2A-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 3-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 3C-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 5-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 5A-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 5B-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 7A-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style 7B-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style OO-SA

Romaine® Tweezers Style SS-SA

Shelf for ELC-500 - Clear

SK-1 Vacuum Pump Splicing Kit

SkyRay 800 UV LED Flood Cure System

SkyRay Flood Stand with UV Shields

SLF-1 Slip-Luer Fitting


SP020 Wall Transformer 12VDC

SpotCure-B UV LED Cure System

SpotCure-G UV LED Cure System

SpotCure-P Portable UV LED Cure Kit

SpotCure-P UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Spotty Inspection Head - White Light

Spotty UV Cure Head - 365nm

Spotty UV Cure Head - 395nm

Spotty UV cure unit Carrying Case

Spotty UV LED Hand-Piece

Spotty Visible Cure Head - 470nm

Spotty-B UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Spotty-P Portable UV LED Cure Unit

Suction Tubing 1/4 X 3/8

SunRay 400 UV Flood Cure System

SunRay 600 UV Flood Cure System

SunRay Quad 600 UV Flood System

Thermosoft UV Soft Earmold Material

Tweezer Practice

U011 Accelerotor High Speed Spindle

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit - 2nd

Uvitron Flood Stand

Uvitron Interface Software

Uvitron Rear UV Flood Shield UV1094

Uvitron UVA 400 Watt Flood Lamp

Uvitron UVA 600 Watt Flood Lamp

Uvitron UVB 400 Watt Flood Lamp

Uvitron UVB 600 Watt Flood Lamp

Uvitron Visible 400 W Lamp - 420nm

Uvitron Visible 400 W Lamp - 460nm

Uvitron Visible 600 W Lamp - 420nm

Uvitron Wrap-Around Front UV Shield

VAC-1D Desiccator Option

VAC-3 Vacuum Pump - Factory 2nd

VAC-3 Vacuum Pump System

VAC-3A Aspirator Option

VAC-3B Basic Vacuum Pump System

VAC-3D Desiccator Option

Viola® Tweezers Style 1

Viola® Tweezers Style 2

Viola® Tweezers Style 2A

Viola® Tweezers Style 3

Viola® Tweezers Style 35A

Viola® Tweezers Style 3C

Viola® Tweezers Style 5

Viola® Tweezers Style 5A

Viola® Tweezers Style 5B

Viola® Tweezers Style 6

Viola® Tweezers Style 7

Viola® Tweezers Style 9

Viola® Tweezers Style A

Viola® Tweezers Style AA

Viola® Tweezers Style AA-SA

Viola® Tweezers Style AM-BR

Viola® Tweezers Style H

Viola® Tweezers Style MM

Viola® Tweezers Style O

Viola® Tweezers Style OA

Viola® Tweezers Style OC

Viola® Tweezers Style OC-9

Viola® Tweezers Style OO

Viola® Tweezers Style OOC

Viola® Tweezers Style OOD

Viola® Tweezers Style S

Viola® Tweezers Style SS

VJD-1 Vacuum Jar Desiccator

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