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WK-2 Vacuum Pump & Desiccator Workstation Kit

WK-2 Vacuum Pump & Desiccator Workstation Kit
Moisture accumulating inside hearing aids can be a source of frustration for both the wearer and technician. It can disguises itself as variety of reoccurring problems such as intermittency, distortion, and weak or no sound. A Desiccator Chamber can be a vitally important tool when it comes to troubleshooting and repairing this type of problem, but what do you do with the chamber when not in use? And where do you place all of the necessary suction tubings? Our WK-2 Workstation Kit includes everything you need to transform your present repair bench into a professional workstation, efficiently managing the VAC-3B suction pump, VAC-1D desiccator chamber, and associated tubings. CM-2 Control Module enables convenient switching between hearing aid cleaning and desiccator drying operation.

Note: Kit shown with discontinued VAC-1B vacuum pump. This kit includes the VAC-3B vacuum pump.
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