UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit - 2nd

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit - 2nd
Factory 2nd has small cosmetic imperfections. UV9W-2 UV cure unit is a splash / flood cure device, and uses two UV 9 Watt compact florescent lamps in a rugged and handsome brushed stainless steel enclosure. The unique open front and sides make it ideal for curing uniquely shaped objects that may not otherwise fit inside conventional UV equipment, or smaller items that do not require a critical cure time.

Because of its open design, UV9W-2 runs cooler than other types of UV cure devices and can be operated continually for maximum efficiency.

UV9W-2 also includes a replaceable Tray Guard to protect the bottom mirror finish.

UV2W-2 UV Operation Manual - M1001
href="http://www.lightningenterprises.com/ccp8/media/uv9w2web.pdf">UV9W-2 Information Sheet http://lightningenterprises.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=catshow&ref=uv9w2_replacement_parts
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