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Rayven Quad UV Chamber

Rayven Quad UV Chamber
This fully enclosed curing chamber features 360 degree shielding for maximum UV protection. Just place your IntelliRay, SunRay or SkyRay UV Flood System on top of the chamber and start curing. (SkyRay UV LED cure system requires an additional mounting bracket to work with the Raven cure chamber).

The Rayven includes a door interlock for use with the IntelliRay and SkyRay systems, which automatically causes the unit's shutter to close when the door is opened. Dual rear panel D-sub connectors allow pass through of IntelliRay and SkyRay control signals for use with a PC, PLC, shutter control foot pedal, external interlock, etc. The oven also has an adjustable height curing tray which allows for 5 repeatable curing distances, and a door mounted lamp-ON indicator.

Video - Mounting Options Using Rayven UV Cure Chamber

SkyRay UV LED Flood UV units used with Rayven oven:
SkyRay UV LED Flood Cure System
IntelliRay UV Flood IntelliRay 400 UV Flood Cure System
IntelliRay 600 UV Flood Cure System
SunRay UV Flood SunRay 400 UV Flood Cure System
SunRay 600 V Flood Cure System

Price reflects Rayven cure chamber only and does not include any lamps. The oven is designed to be used with the above UV flood systems.See the video below for more information

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