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My Vac Consumer Vacuum Pump

My Vac Consumer Vacuum Pump
Looking for a great consumer hearing aid cleaning system to offer your customers?

My Vac is an easy to use compact vacuum pump system specifically designed for the consumer for cleaning wax and debris from their own hearing instruments. My Vac includes needle tips which fit safely and easily into the sound port for worry-free cleaning, as well as a large easy-to-replace filter for trapping debris. And with My Vac, there is no more hassle when a tip gets clogged with debris. My Vac includes a blower port in the back of the unit for easy obstruction removal. My Vac also includes a Mounting Clip for easy Filter Probe storage so there is no tubing dangling in the way. My Vac is a completely self contained system!

When your customers use My Vac regularly they can keep their hearing aid properly maintained, freeing up your time to help more customers.

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Retail: $117.00
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