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Lightning Vac Traveler Portable Vacuum Pump

Lightning Vac Traveler Portable Vacuum Pump
Taking your hearing aid vacuum pump system on the road shouldn't be a hassle. The Lightning Vac Traveler makes home visits a breeze with its custom carrying case and professional equipment. Our Lightning Vac Traveler includes the popular Lightning Vac 2 Suction Unit with Blower, VJD-1 vacuum jar desiccator chamber for on-the-spot drying, Slip-Luer fitting with replaceable filter, NP-1 Professional Needle Pack with storage vial, and durable carrying case with custom foam insert. Make your next home visit more productive and hassle free with Lightning Vac Traveler.

The Lightning Vac Traveler carrying case includes cutouts for keeping the whole system connected during use, making it even easier and faster to use. You can also remove the vacuum pump unit, is desired.

Our Price: $249.00

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