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ELC-4481 UV Adhesive

ELC-4481 UV Adhesive
ELC 4481 is an UV curing structural adhesive widely used in lens / optics assembly, and is also designed for joining fiber optics. ELC-4481 excels in the assembly of glass to glass, and glass to metal applications. ELC-4481 is designed for use in the optical and fiber optics industries for the bonding of fiber bundles, fiber optic splicing, transparent potting, and lens assembly.

ELC-4481 is also a great general purpose adhesive. Where it is acrylic based it can be used in a variety of applications involving certain plastics.

ELC-4481 optically clear UV adhesive maintains the same specification in three viscosities; medium @ 5000 cps (standard) low @ 300 cps (special order) and high @ 10,000 cps (special order).


Elongation @ break:

Tensile strength @ break  : 7,000 psi

Hardness Shore D : 85

Water absoption, ASTM D570: 0.8 % (2 hrs in boiling water)

Refractive index ND : 1.48

Operating temperature :  -65 F -300 F

Dielectric strength ASTM D257: 700 V/mil

Dielectric constant ASTM D150: 5.697@ 100Hz 

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