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BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter

BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter
BDM-1 battery drain meter supplies working voltage to the hearing aid while accurately displaying the amount of electronic current the hearing aid is drawing, commonly referred to as battery drain. BDM-1 connects to the hearing aid battery compartment through any industry standard battery pill, or probe / substitute (not included). The negative terminal supplied to the hearing aid is directly tied to earth ground for easy use with external test equipment which utilize a grounding electrical plug, such as an oscilloscope.

The BDM-1 battery drain meter also makes a great counseling tool for patients who complain hearing aid batteries don't last long enough. By reading the battery drain, the user can confirm a problem, or calculate a realistic battery life.

Note: You will need a standard battery pill or battery sub connector to work with this unit.

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