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Audio Repair Bench

Audio Repair Bench
With its all steel construction and attractive powder coated cabinet, the Audio Repair Bench is a superior choice for durability and functionality. This hearing aid workstation includes as standard equipment a two speed Model 26A Red Wing Lathe with Mod Tool Kit, Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit, VAC-3B Hearing Aid Cleaning System, VAC-1D Desiccator Chamber for hearing aid drying, (2) Model 550 Dust collectors with splash hoods, and CM-3 Control Module, as well as extended sides to give the technician plenty of working room. The table top is a special Resist-Top which is designed to resist scratching and wear. Under-the-shelf fluorescent light illuminates the work area. Vacuum pump sits inside the cabinet for convenient, quiet operation. Wiring and tubings are routed behind the unit for easy access and professional appearance.

Audio Repair Bench includes everything listed:

- Powerful VAC-3B suction system - sits inside the cabinet for efficient quiet operation.

- VAC-1D Vacuum Desiccator Chamber for fast hearing aid drying.

- Dual-Lite UV Cure System - for fast UV buildup or repair.

- CM-3 Control Module for controlling the UV and vacuum pump systems.

- Built-In workstation lighting for convenient overhead visibility.

- Built in power strip for convenience.

- 26A Red Wing Motor - the best, most durable lathe on the market.

- Mod Tool Kit - includes every tool need for hearing aid repair and modification. I great companion to the 26a Redwing.

- (2) Porta-Vac 550 Dust Collectors to keep dust and debris under control.

- Extra-Wide sides for ample work area - plenty of workspace.

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