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Welcome Lightning Enterprises Newsroom!

Here, you will find articles related to hearing aid repair, modification and fabrication http://, as well as new product announcements and company news.

Related Hearing Aid Articles Company News & Press Releases
Redwing Lathe Definitions News: Lightning Enterprises announces the launching of their new tweezers and hand tools website devoted to offering precision tweezers and quality hand tools. Visit violatweezers.com for more information.

News: Lightning Enterprises acquires the tweezers and hand tools business from Intrade, Inc, which includes the Viola Tweezers and Romaine Tweezers brands, as well as the Xuron hand tools distributorship. Lightning Enterprises is now the sole importer of Viola Precision Tweezers to the US, and the owner of the Romaine Tweezers brand.

News: Lightning Enterprises now offers UV Flood Cure Systems from Uvitron. Click Here

Lightning Enterprises announces their new website with more features and easy navigation.

Product Announcement:
Lightning Enterprises announces the availability of the Model 575 Bench-top Polishing System made by Handler.

News: Lightning Enterprises announces a new Scratch and Dent section of their website. These are new units that have a small cosmetic imperfection and sold at a discount.

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