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VJD-1 Vacuum Jar Desiccator

The VJD-1 Vacuum Jar Desiccator Option is an additional feature for any vacuum pump system with max 20" Hg power, and is designed to quickly extract humidity and moisture from hearing instruments. Moisture that has accumulated inside hearing instruments can cause intermittent and "cutting out" problems, which can be eliminated by putting the unit inside a desiccator chamber and drawing out the moisture using a vacuum pump system.

How it works: When the vacuum pump is "pumping" air out of the chamber it is also drawing air from the inside of the hearing aid, including the moist air. This causes effected internal components to dry out, and many times restoring hearing aid function.

The VJD-1 jar desiccator chamber connects to the vacuum pump using a slip-luer fitting. It is a stand alone unit so it can be stored away from the pump and easily connected when needed.

A Note About Effectiveness: The more air that can be removed from the chamber, the more effective this product will be. So, the more powerful the vacuum pump (the higher the "Hg number), the better the results. The maximum suction power to be used with this unit is 20" Hg.

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VJD-1 Vacuum Jar Desiccator
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Dimensions: 3" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Max vacuum: 20" Hg

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