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SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System

  • Curing Area: 1.5" spot size @ 3"
  • 18,000 mW/cm2 intensity, focused curing area
  • Connector for external monitor/control via PC or PLC
  • Includes liquid light guide & foot pedal
  • Safety interlocks for light guide removal - Multi-pole light guide compatible
  • 2000+ hours of lamp life

About SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System is a next generation high intensity ultra-compact UV light curing system, and the industry’s price/performance leader. The unit was designed with low cost of ownership in mind with its long-life UV/Visible arc lamp and filtered input long-life light guide. SunSpot 2 has a small footprint and features easy to use exposure time controls and foot pedal activation.

Highest Output Intensity
The Sunspot’s 200W lamp delivers the highest intensity in the industry. With its 18+ W/cm/2 UVA and > 30W/cm2 output from 300 to 550 nm, the system will maximize curing speed, and is compatible with high speed production automation equipment. This high intensity also makes the SunSpot 2 ideal for use with multi-pole light guides for simultaneous light delivery to 2, 3 or 4 curing zones, eliminating the need for multiple lamp systems.

Cool Light Output
The unit features a dichroic-coated reflector, which reflects only the usable UV wavelengths of light through the light guide. The harmful high temperature infrared is diverted away from the material being cured. A secondary in-line filter is utilized to even further reduce heat for extremely sensitive applications.

Timer Controlled Shutter
SunSpot 2 features an accurate 99 second foot-pedal-initiated exposure timer and shutter and frees the operators hands for other tasks. A second press of the pedal will immediately stop the exposure and close the shutter. The timer can also be switched to manual mode for operator control of curing duration, with the shutter remaining open only while the pedal is depressed.

Convenient Front Panel Indicators
A lamp Ignited indicator illuminates when the lamp is lit, and a lamp ready LED signals when warm-up is complete. A front panel hour meter tracks lamp age, allowing for consistent lamp replacement scheduling.

Lamp Intensity Control
SunSpot 2 has a user adjustable front panel locking intensity control, with a 35 to 100% combined power adjustment range. This feature provides the flexibility of choosing appropriate curing intensity for sensitive materials, and for regulating intensity at a given level as the lamp ages.

External Logic Control
The system can be remotely monitored and controlled using logic signals available at a 9 pin D-sub connector on the unit’s rear panel. The digital logic functions allow high speed control of the SunSpot 2 for applications requiring a direct interface with machine controllers or PLCs. Control signals include lamp off, shutter open, and hour meter reset. Monitoring signals include lamp ignited and lamp ready.

Lamp Auto-Dim Increases Lamp Life
SunSpot 2 automatically reduces lamp power to a low standby level when the shutter closes, instantly returning to full intensity when the shutter re-opens. This auto dimming extends lamp life to greater than 2000 hours and reduces power consumption, unnecessary heating and maintenance costs.

Lamp Output Spectrums
The SunSpot 2 is available with either UVA or UVB enhanced spectrum lamps, ensuring compatibility with all adhesives, coatings, inks and paints from all manufacturers.

SunSpot 2 Information Sheet

SunSpot 2 Information Video

Item Number:
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
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$3,555.00 $3,485.00 (Save 2%)
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Item Options

Electrical Supply Voltage*
120V 60 Hz (standard North American)
220V 50 Hz

Choose Lamp Wavelength

Choose Lamp Wavelength*
UVA (standard UV curing)
UVB ($350.00)
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
SunSpot 2 UV Spot Cure System
System Type Focused spot w/ light guide
Part # UV1853 (120VAC),
UV2132 (240VAC)
Lamp Power 200 Watt
Input Voltage 100-120 or 200-240VAC ±10% ranges
Input Current (Max) 4.7 Amps @120V,
2.5 Amps @ 240V
Irradiance 18,000 mW/cm2 UVA
Curing Area 1.5"/3.0" spot size at 1.5"/3.0" distance
Size (H x W x D), Weight 4.05” x 8.64” x 10.51”, 5.92 lbs

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